Top 5 Men’s Short Wavy Hairstyles

Men’s Short Wavy Hairstyles

Having short and wavy hair for men is a great advantage because untamed locks have that effortless sexy appeal. You can have that laid back, fresh and young look even without styling your hair at all. For some men however, they find it quite challenging to find a hairstyle that would make them feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Some would think that their ruffled hair is only limited to being untamed and boring. Whether you’re not feeling too happy about your hair, or you feel contented with how unruly it looks like, it won’t really hurt to learn hair style options that you can do to take your look up a notch. Here are the 5 best short wavy hairstyles that you can try when you’re going to the office, inviting a girl out or even on a plain old day when you just want to head out somewhere with your friends.

1. The Slick Back


It’s simple to do and yet it never fails to make you stand out from the crowd. With the natural volume of your hair most especially on the crown area, you will only need to have a medium hold styling gel or wax to hold the hair in place. Brush your hair up and let the untamed waves form more definite curves. This hairstyle will work better if your sides are cut to a low razor fade for a cleaner finish.

2. Short Sides- Long on Top


Made especially for men who have thick and wavy hair, this haircut is fairly easy to style. The haircut is all about getting good layers of hair. The top part of the hair has a lighter and longer finish, making the hair easier to manage. The side is shaved into a simple and cool undercut. With this short wavy hairstyle, you can use gel pomade to hold your hair on one side. Play around with the texture to get that messy signature look.

3. Bohemian Hero


It’s hip, it’s fab, and it’s guaranteed to turn heads to your direction, most especially if you’re a teen or a young adult with wavy hair. One side of the hair is tucked neatly and the other is just loose and relaxed. To get this look, you will need to prepare your damp hair with a styling mousse or a curl enhancing lotion. After that you will need to use the blow dryer. Loosen the curves on one side by using your fingers. For the other side, comb it in place and with the use of a hairspray, you get to hold the structure securely.

4. Forward Fringe


The Forward Fringe is now among the most common short wavy hairstyle sported by the younger generation. It has that unique and playful vibe. It’s also easy to make given that you have the proper haircut and the tools to do it. You’ll need a blow dryer, a brush and a wide tooth comb. Brush your hair to a round finish, making sure that your locks are brushed forward. Use styling mousse for additional bounce and then wax to style your hair to the shape that you like.

5. Wavy Pompadour


The pompadour is an old school look. It’s mostly used by men who have straight hair, but with a crafty imagination, you can turn your short wavy hair into a slick looking wavy pompadour. The first step is to get the proper hair cut to achieve the right amount of hair on the sides, front and back. Comb the sides of the hair to the back, and use a pomade to hold the shape of the hair. Since you have wavy hair, feel free to let the curves loose for a young and vibrant finish.