Top 6 Men’s Long Straight Hairstyles

Men’s Long Straight Hairstyles

Men have become more experimental and adventurous when it comes to their looks, and the hair is one of the elements that define one man’s overall appearance, as it is one of the first things that people notice. Gone are the days when long hair for men is only for the scruffy, the blue-collar and what not. Today even professionals in suits and ties sport long hairstyles to work. There are many variations to long straight hairstyles, and these are just some of them that you may want to try if you are growing your hair long.

1. Shoulder Length Blonde Hair

Men’s Long Straight Hairstyles

Brad Pitt is probably the most famous person to ever sport this hairstyle. His blonde locks fall on the shoulder, and the center part indicates a no-nonsense, low maintenance look. This almost unkempt look can also be seen on surfers who wear their hair long and bleached from hours and hours in the sun. For men who do not want any fuss in fixing their long hair for work, this is a suitable hairstyle. Finger combing the locks can be enough and they’re ready to go. Shampoo and conditioner are enough to keep the long locks untangled and soft. Hairstyling creams can also be applied.

2. Thin Straight Locks

Men’s Long Straight Hairstyles2

This is one of the long straight hairstyles that are perfect for preppy men who like their hair super long. The length of the hair reaches the chest level, and the color is dark all the way. Not everyone can pull off this look though. The type of hair is specific, and not everyone has string-straight and thin hair. There is not a lot of volume in this hairstyle, and styling creams should be applied to achieve this desired look. Hair tends to get frizzy with the weather, so if you have this type of hair, you may want to apply a cream to keep it that way throughout the day. The part can either be on the side or the center.

3. Layered

Men’s Long Straight Hairstyles3

Long layers frame the face, and in this hairstyle, the length barely touches the shoulders. Long layers are best for men who do not want a straight length haircut, but can still gather the hair into a bun or a pony tail. This is another low maintenance hairstyle that is suitable for guys, and the color can vary as well. For guys who are just starting to grow their hair and they are in the awkward length, this style will save them from the awkward stage of growing the hair long. Layered hair also creates volume, unlike straight length hair that can be limp at times without any styling cream.

4. Tousled

Men’s Long Straight Hairstyles4

This is the “just got out of bed” hair version for men. The tousled look creates more volume at the crown, and can be parted on either the side or center. The ends touch the shoulder and slightly curve from touching the shoulder blades. The straight length makes the hair appear thicker. Pair it with subtle highlights and you’re good to go. For the office, guys can tame it a bit and comb through for a more formal look. This type of hairstyle can go from day to night, just a bit of tousling and finger combing and it’s ready for a night in the club.

5. The “Man Bun”

Men’s Long Straight Hairstyles5

There are several variations of the man bun, and this is the long hair version. Buns are no longer just for girls who want to gather their hair for a neater look. A simple black rubber band will do the trick. Putting long hair in a man bun is one way of changing up the look aside from serving its real purpose: to keep the hair out of the face. You can see bearded long haired men sporting the man bun either in street clothes or in suits and ties. Either way this style is a big yes for long haired men.

6. The Rockstar

Men’s Long Straight Hairstyles6

Long, straight, center part and waist length hair is usually seen on men who either love rock and roll or are in heavy metal bands themselves. This long straight hairstyle is a bit high maintenance because of the length, but styling wise, men only need to comb it over and it’s good to go. When you see men sporting this hair, expect to see a lot of leather – jacket, pants, even boots – and jeans.