Top 5 Men’s Long Curly Hairstyles

Men’s Long Curly Hairstyles

There are different types of curly hair based on the texture and the curling pattern.  Technically speaking, whether you have super curly locks like Corbin Bleu, or wavy hair like that of Hugh Grant or Adrian Genier, your hair will be classified under the curly hairstyle. Long curly locks have become one of the latest fashion trends, not only for the women, but also for the men. Gone were the days when men shied away from their curly mane because they felt like they looked ridiculous with it. The beauty industry has redefined this hairstyle as fab, hot and sexy and here are the top 5 long curly hairstyles that will prove you just that.

1. Full Curls

A lot of women find men with full long curls attractive, simply because this look is not fairly common. While others think that this look is hard to Full long curls works superbly well especially for men with angular faces. This helps soften the hard chiselled areas of your face. Style your hair when it’s damp. Use generous amounts of styling foam or mousse on your hair and scrunch it to form the look that you want. Then you need to allow the foam to dry before you head out. Experts say that you should have your hair layered to achieve the best look and that you should also go for products that will enhance the softness of your locks.

2. Man Bun


If you thought that man buns are only for straight haired males then you need to think again. Among the different long curly hairstyles, this can be easily done no matter how curly your hair is. It has a relaxed vibe that’s perfect when you’re heading to a small gathering with friends, bar hopping or even to the office. You only need to pull all of your hair up and position it on the most comfortable angle. Don’t forget to loosen your grip to let your curls naturally pop out a bit. You don’t need to use styling products for this, but you’re free to play around your options if you want a finer look.

3. The Brush Up


The brush up hairstyle works better for individuals with tamer and larger curls because the smaller the curls are, the harder it is to hold them in place. You can sport this look anywhere. It looks particularly good with laid back outfits like tees and dress up shirts on top. To get this look, use styling mousse to scrunch your curls before you start, and then get enough amounts of your favorite styling gel, and apply it on the small patch of the top area of your hair. With a large toothed comb, brush it up on the side. Let the rest of your hair fall on your shoulders.

4. The Man Pony


If you feel like the man bun is not for you, then you can try the man ponytail instead. This works better for men with longer locks. Your hair should be at least shoulder length for this look to succeed. Again, like in the hair bun, grab all of your hair together and make sure that you’re not pulling it too tight. Keep the tension to a minimum. You can use styling mousse before you do this look so the hair falling off your shoulders would have more refined locks.

5. Messy Look

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The best thing about curly hair is that you don’t need to try so hard to get the messy look. As you may have already noticed, most of the long curly hairstyles shared here don’t require a lot of preparation. Even without styling, your hair gives that I-just-got-out-of-bed vibe that many women go crazy for. The trick to creating the messy look is to have your hair layered so that you get just enough volume. If your hair is to thick, try to have it trimmed a bit to adjust the size of your hair.  Also, don’t forget to practice good hygiene, so that your hair screams out sexiness, not untidiness.