Top 10 Men’s Long Wavy Hairstyles

Men’s Long Wavy Hairstyles

Dealing with long, wavy hair can be daunting, especially if you are clueless as to what kind of style will suit you. For starters, wavy hair is different from curly hair, different in the sense that the former is usually more manageable – it grows out straight before it bents as it becomes longer. But just like the latter, wavy hair could be unruly, unkempt, and more difficult to handle than straight and short locks. Once you get the hang of it, however, you will discover that long wavy hairstyles are more than just about the rockin’ and rollin’ attitude. You could easily pass a nice, boy-next-door look with it as well.

1. The Dashing Debonair a.k.a. The Ashton Kutcher Look

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles

Ashton Kutcher may not have extremely wavy hair but he does wear his long locks with a spike of suave that men with long and wavy mane can take a clue from. Whether you want it parted on the side or the center, it will look classy and boyish if, like Ashton, you will tuck it behind your ears. This is how the A-list actor garnered a following through the years. With his clean, manly look, far from being under the rockstar roof, he has showed how boys-next-door can enjoy the dashing effect of long hair without losing any bit of their appeal.

2. Ponytailed Mane

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles2

If you are finding it more difficult to manage your long, layered, and wavy hair, you can well tie it up in a ponytail and look as flamboyant and bold. This look presents an easy-going attitude. It also does not take any effort to put up as well. You can wear it comfortably loose or slick, depending on your mood or the occasion you are dressing up for. To achieve the look, simply gather your hair together, either slicked back or parted in the middle and then, tie it up with a rubber band. Alternately, you may also do a David Beckham and split your ponies in two.

3. The Layered Lad

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles3

Getting layers is another trick to make thick, long, wavy hair look considerably good. This magic can be used to remove its weighty, bulky feeling that can easily drag you down. Through a decent haircut, facilitated by a hairstyle expert who would also give you pointers on how to achieve the style for the daily grind, you will be able to manage the challenges that your hair type presents. It should not be considered a burden, especially if it has been thinned on the right places. Afterwards, you will only need to define the right styling product that will make your layers look as if it had fallen into place after you got out of the bath – effortless.

4. The Highlighted Hunk

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles4

Texture is one of the keys to make long wavy hairstyles a sure stand out. This is achieved by applying color so it won’t look like one solid, boring block. Especially if your long, wavy hair is in black or deep dark brown tones, you would want to come alive at least with highlights that will make it look chunky and spotty, especially around the hairline. Hair highlighting has become popular not just among women but among men as well. It is one of the best ways to achieve texture with your long waves and keep the hairstyle well-defined.

5. The Messy Mister

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles5

As it is, long, wavy hair may already look messy. With slight touch-ups here and there, you can make that messy look hip and trendy. The secret is in choosing the right styling product that will help your hair down at the right places. If you do not want it all down, you may also try for a messy semi-bun, which was popularized in the 1990s by no other than Kurt Cobain and Brad Pitt. The hair that was left out of the bun, especially if you have a front strand down, imposes that devil-may-care attitude that’s a standard for coolness.

6. The Dreadlocks Master

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles6

Dreadlocks are associated to the African-American culture. That does not mean that they are the only ones who could don the look and look good in it. Depending on your patience level, you can embrace the dreads to tweak your hairstyle a bit farther. Once you have full dreadlocks on, you may choose to wear it down, in a ponytail, or in an updo, whichever feels comfortable at the moment. This true hipster look is out to get attention because it is unusually fun and daring. If you want to be bold, take our wavy locks a bit further, getting the dreads might be a good idea.

7. Braided

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles7

Braids are linked to women’s hairstyles but so do long and wavy hair. If you really want to have a stand out style, you would not fear wearing braids. Of course, it should not be the way women usually do it. For men to look attractive, braids should be uneven, much like the way their hair actually is. If you let them hang over your shoulder, you will get a lot of oohs and aahs as braids promote an amazing appeal, a different look that deserve a second glance. Alternately, you may also don slick braids to get the closest feel of the dreads without having to submit to its maintenance demands.

8. The Long Curled Cutie

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles8

If you want to increase that mysterious charm brought about by your long, wavy hair, you may choose to curl it further so it gets messy and charming all over. You may part it at the center as the Jonas brothers would and look incredibly gorgeous. In addition, you may get light blonde highlights and let your wavy layers graze your neck. You may also wear bangs for that extra push of a wavy-hair-don’t-care attitude. Long curls let down just like that does not happen overnight. That’s something you must realize. To achieve the perfect look, scrunch your waves with your fingers as your hair dries.

9. The Rockstar Fella

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles9

Add a dose of attitude to your long wavy hair and get the trendy style of rockstars who legitimized this previously looked down upon hairstyle. For the most part, it is just about wearing the hair every other way but you may add up an uneven texture, a tint of red, or simply let it hang around the face. In previous decades, long wavy hairstyles are generally the ones that the celebrated rockstars – from Jim Morrison to Slash to Kid Rock and beyond – are seen wearing to their gigs. This look is epic, bold, and really full of attitude.

10. Punk-y Attitude

Men's Long Wavy Hairstyles10

If you want to look extremely cool with your long, wavy hair, you may mess around with it the way punks would. For one, you may fine up the waves and wear it down. That will keep your mysterious yet attractive charm. For another, you may keep it half-tied and half-loose. Some punks may also wear their long locks swept back to accentuate their facial features. Whichever way, it is easy to present a funky appeal, especially if you will wear this hairstyle along with eyeliners, sunglasses, nose studs, and other accessories. It is not always the hairstyle per se but the attitude you wear it with.