Top 7 Hairstyles For Asian Men

Since the J-pop and K-pop invasion made its way throughout the whole world, people have become much more interested not only with Korean and Japanese hairstyles but ultimately, the Asian way of styling their hair. Asians have different facial shapes so they tend to discover more and more haircuts that can suit them. Asian men hairstyles range from cute, weird and fashionable and you can most certainly find one that suits your hair length.

Asians typically have thick hair so they can tend to play around and switch hairstyles from time to time. If you are interested to level up your hair game by following an Asian hairstyle, here are the top hairstyles that are the trend now among Asian men.

Angled fringe styled forward


asian-haircut-angled-fringe-styled-forwardA lot of Asian men celebrities with round faces can pull off this cut. This Asian men hairstyle needs a thick grown out hair that is cut into different layers. The highlight is actually the long bangs cut at a diagonal angle and styled forward, touching the eyebrows to the side of the eye. The sides are shaved from the temples to the back of the ear.

Samurai bun


The man bun hairstyle has gone mainstream and people have come to put a variety into it as well. Why not go the original and classic version? The Samurai bun is suitable for those with hair touching the shoulders or longer. If you have an angular face shape, you can definitely pull off this look.

Short Blow Back


Asian men have unique face shapes that can allow them to expose their foreheads. This hairstyle is easy and low maintenance and can suit even those who have a receding hairline. The shaved sides and longer hair on the top can really highlight the shape of your face.

Dandy Fringe-Up


Short on the sides and the back, this Asian men hairstyle sports a thick hair on the crown that gives out a dandy look. This is suitable for men with a thick and wavy hair. Otherwise, to achieve this look, you might need to perm the hair on your crown to have that kind of volume. Using hair wax also does it and creates the messy look.

Messy Medium

asian-male-messy-medium asian-messy-medium

The medium and messy hairstyle is probably the most popular Korean look. In fact, it is a signature look among Korean students. It is also low maintenance and you can style it in just a minute and even if you are running late for a meeting. However, you need a really thick hair to sport this look.

Short and Spiky


Spikey hairstyles never get old and out of fashion. And although you it might take a little time to achieve this look, it is definitely worth the edgy and stylish look you are going to have. For a much cooler vibe, you can add a shaved line or two from the temples going to the back of the head.

Layered hairstyle


The layered hairstyle is so easy to achieve and pull off as long as your hairdresser knows how to do it properly. It suits almost all kinds of face shapes too. You can have the fringe brushed up or not and it will still look very sexy.