Top 5 Men’s Short Curly Hairstyles

Top 5 Men’s Short Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair could be tough to handle, but it offers endless styling possibilities. If you want to keep it short and easy to manage, consider the following styles. However, keep in mind that curly hair is unique, you have to know your type of hair, and what works best for it. Your hair can just be wavy with no volume, coarse with some curls that resist styling, voluminous or kinky. Whatever your hair type is, do not be afraid to style. Look your best by taking care of your locks. Keep it clean and moisturized and look for a styling product that suits your crowning glory.

1. Close Cut Curls aka Timberlake

short curly hairstyle 1 Admit it, Justine Timberlake is an icon when it comes to men’s hairstyle. This cut best suits heart, square or oval shaped faces. To achieve this modern look, clippers can be used to do the sides but take note that the curls can look shorter when they bounce back. To style, you can use a small amount of styling cream after drying your hair then finish off with a hairspray. It is best to use light-hold styling products for curly hairstyles to still achieve a natural look. However, you are free to go for medium-hold for more control.

2. Natural Curl Fade

short curly hairstyle 2

This look is neat and cool for a man with curly hair, making it office and party ready. To achieve it, let your hair grow naturally, minimize your volume and maximize the fade. Fade is achieved by clipping the hair short. Expect to have regular trims to maintain it, but the beauty of it is that it does not require so much styling. Fades truly offer a clean look and this style works well with the short, natural curls on top. This is ideal if you want a decent yet stylish look for a formal occasion or to make a good impression on a job interview.

3. Curly Crew Cut

short curly hairstyle 3

Crew cut is a classic and you can have it even if you have curls. This clean look is one of the best short curly hairstyles. It works well for thick or very coarse hair and is easy to maintain. There’s no need to shave the hair all off, for a short cropping will do, with some hair left on the crown to show its natural texture. You can apply a gel to style it and just stroke it backwards with your fingers. This is more manageable and neat looking. For a more rugged look, you can grow a thin beard.

4. Ivy League

short curly hairstyle 4

Even if you have curly hair, it does not mean you can’t sport an Ivy League haircut. It even makes it easier to manage. Matthew Morrison is known to style his curls the Ivy League way, and he carries it so well. The look is achieved by having a faded cut on the sides and back while the hair on top is trimmed. For day-to-day styling, just part the curls on the side and you’re good to go. This is a classic style if you want to keep your hair short. It suits any age and works well with type II curls or hair with open and loose waves.

5. High and Tight

short curly hairstyle 5

High and tight haircut is another clean cut for men with curly hair. It is very useful for them because the curls can be shown while they retain that masculine look. This style is suitable for men with tighter curls and is popular in the military. It is low maintenance and is easy to achieve. The head is shaved and clipped on top, leaving a patch of curls in the middle, thus the term high and tight. Only a clipper and a razor are required for this cut, no scissors needed. It is one of the most popular short curly hairstyles because it suits most face shape, though it offers more masculinity to those with square face.