Top 10 Men’s Haircuts & Hairstyles for 2017

Textured Quiff

Or known to some as “The Contemporary Quiff”




A classic yet smart look, the textured quiff is not just your ordinary 1950’s quiff. The textured layers give it an air of rockability that makes one classically handsome without being passé. As a unique combination of flat top, pompadour and the mohawk, this hairstyle best suits young professionals who not only aim to charm but also to impress their way up the corporate ladder. This haircut will require some pompadour hair gel, why not check out some online deals and get it close to black friday at or some bank holiday deals from

This structured hairstyle has been worn in runways in the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks last year and is becoming the go-to style of mainstream Hollywood. From David Beckham to Ryan Gosling to Justin Timberlake, this is a sure way to make those girls thirsty. Also, if you recently caught Fox’s Grease live performance, you might recognize this pomade plus hairspray blasted hairstyle of Danny Zucco (played by Aaron Tveit).

Whether your hair is unruly or stubbornly straight, the Textured Quiff is suitable for almost every type of hair. Just make sure  that the front is voluminous enough while short, crawling texture seamlessly blends towards the crown. For those with thinner hair, sea salt or volumising spray would help those strands away from your face. Arm yourself with a generous amount of hair wax and you are ready to rock this hairstyle off.