How to Style an Undercut Slicked Back

How to Style an Undercut Slicked Back


How to Style the Slicked Back Undercut

The Rebel Rock God is the in demand look for men this season. The sexy appeal of slicked back undercut has garnered much popularity. To get the look, you must:

  1. Get the haircut. Choose a hairstylist who can accomplish the look exactly the way that will allow you to slick it wonderfully. The back and the sides should be buzz cut, in a hair clipper length, then the top of the hair should be left long, about 4-6 inches.

As some slicked back undercuts can have slightly different styles it would be worth taking a photo to your hairdresser/barber so that they can give you the best cut possible. Remember, the main part of styling this haircut IS the haircut itself.

  1. Choose a nice slicking product.The best products for a slicked back undercut should be water based as these really help keep the style. The following products are the most used. (click for more information):
    • Super hold Pomade: This product is best used for a classic style slick back (A flat and tight style that has been in fashion for the past 100 years). This pomade gives the hair a little wet look but is light on the hair and easy to wash.
    • Pomade Firm Hold: Unlike the Pomade above this one is most used for modern slicking. This product will allow for more volume and create more of a look as you can see in the images above.
    • Styling Cream for Curly Hair:This is one of the best creams when for people with curly hair, it also works with most hairstyles. One thing to note is with curly hair it is easier to style a modern slick back as a classic is a very defined and straight style.

    If it’s your first time using pomades it would be worth buying both to test them out as different hair types can work better with different pomades.


  1. The classic slicked back undercut. This was seen since the 1930s. It’s flat and neat. For this version, the slicked back is combed repeatedly and styled using an oil-based pomade, which offers a strong hold that flattens the hair so as not to be no more than an inch higher than the scalp.
  1. The modern slicked back undercut. This is characterized by volume, made popular since 2013. To get this look, volume is built by using first, a comb to slick back the hair and then the fingers to add height and volume to it. A blow dryer is also used to add more hair volume as the hair is continuously slicked back by fingers.

No matter which way you go, for the classic or modern slicked back undercut, do not forget that how you carry it also matters. Sashay the hairstyle with confidence and you will surely get oohs and aahs endlessly.