How to Style a Side Part

How to Style a Side Part


Styling a Side Parting

Over the past several years, men have become more conscious of their looks. Their hair is one aspect of their look where they can show their personality and style, in the way they style it. The side-part is preferred by men who want to look neat. Not only does it make men look dapper, it is also the easiest hairstyle you can do to your hair. It requires less fuss and preparation time.

If you are aiming for a side part, you must first determine your hair type so you will know what hair product you will need to keep your hair in check, or if you ever need anything, if you are blessed with nice and tamed hair. Otherwise, you will need some help from hair products to make your side-part last throughout the day.

To choose the best hair product for your hair, you have to know what type your hair is. This will help you achieve your desired side-part look. There are four types of men’s hair: straight, coiled, kinky and wavy.

  • For straight hair, you can use virtually any kind of hair product, such as hair mousse, wax or gel. These products will help keep your hair in place since straight hair has a tendency to get limp and fall on your face, if it’s long enough.
  • Coiled, kinky and wavy hair are more known as curly hair. Curly hair tend to be more difficult to style because the curls tend to get unruly, especially if you do not use a hair product. Hair wax, pomade and styling cream can be used.

Now that you have chosen your preferred hair product according to your hair type, it’s time now to do the side-part that will stay in place for the rest of the day.

  1. Wash hair with shampoo. If you have curly hair, it is best to use a conditioner, either washable or leave-on, to keep the curls at bay.
  1. You can either pat your hair with a towel or use a hair dryer to dry it out a little. Damp hair is best for styling.
  1. Apply your chosen hair product. Make sure to spread it evenly so it doesn’t accumulate in one area and look like globs of goo. Start with a small amount and add gradually if it is not enough.
  1. Part your hair on the side. You can part on either temple, depending on your preference. Sometimes hair has a natural side, where it usually rests. Use a fine comb to achieve that neat look. Wide tooth combs tend to make the style look sloppy, what with all those visible comb lines. You can also use a hairspray to set the hair and make it last longer.

A side-part hairstyle is best for short haircuts, not exceeding three inches in length. You might want to consider getting a haircut if your hair is longer than three inches. Also, the sides should be shorter than the top so that when the hair is parted, the sides look neat and hair does not touch the ears.