How to Style a Pompadour

How to Style a Pompadour


How to Style a Modern-Day Pomp

The pompadour is a classic men’s hairstyle that dates back to the mid-1700s. It is an iconic hairstyle that spans several generations and Elvis Presley is one of the reasons who made it so. Now that the pomp is making its way towards the mainstream again – not as if it has left at all – you should start learning the technique to get this style right on your first try.


Pompadour 101

Before we get down to the details on how to achieve the look, allow us to discuss what the pompadour look is all about. The pomp hairstyle is worn with short and back sides while the rest is long and swept upwards and backwards. These days, the look has two versions: the classic and the modern, edgy form.

  • The Classic Pomp. In this version, the sides are not clipped very short. The longer section of the hair are not clipped higher than the crown so it keeps the face framed in a balance way. The classic pomp style is also often paired up with a well kempt beard.
  • The Edgy Pomp. As the pompadour gains steam anew, hairstylists from all over the world started experimenting and pushed the style to its limits. For the edgy pomp, the sides are shaved far up to the crown. Some even combine this style with the undercut style, by its bold clipping on the sides, which by the way, gives it some edgy, sexy advantage.


How to Style a Pompadour

To get the look, there are three essential steps:

Step 1

Get the haircut. You should know a barber who understands what the pomp style is all about and knows how to execute it using his weapon: scissors. The short and back sides should be clipped short, very short if you want to while the top part should be long but only within a comfortable length, around 4-5 inches.

Step 2

Prepare the materials. To don a stylish pomp look, you need a good quality pomade, hairspray, blowdryer, brush and comb, and mirror. Pomades are available in light, medium, and strong hold. Choose one depending on your preference and what suits your hair type best.

Step 3

Style it

  1. The first step to pump up your pomp is to blow dry it.
  2. Take a pea-sized amount of pomade, and rub it in between your hands to emulsify it before applying it to your long top.
  3. Once the pomade is evenly distributed, you can slick your hair towards the top with the help of a brush.
  4. For a final touch up, push the slickened back part of your hair while combing the front part towards it until you achieve the height and slick level that you want.
  5. Allow your hairstyle to set with a light coat of hairspray.

What’s also good about the pomp hairstyle is that it does not box you to just the slick appearance. If you want a messy, rebel rock attack, you can keep your hairstyle loose. Whichever way you want it, practice is key. That’s your best bet in finding the look that works for you and become an expert putting it together.