How to Style a Curly Pompadour

How to Style a Curly Pompadour


How to Style a Curly Pompadour in 3 Simple Steps

There’s nothing really wrong with curly hair. It’s sexy, fab and stylish, but it’s also to try something new like a cleaner and more tamed look.

For this hairstyle you need a bottle of three different hair products:

  1. Foundation spray to evenly style your curly mane
  2. Shine and smoothing oil to achieve the sleek looking Pompadour style
  3. Sculpture hair spray to keep your hairstyle in shape throughout the day.

Apart from these, you need a bristle brush and a blow drier. You may also need a WAM ceramic straightening iron depending on the structure of your hair. The curlier your hair, the more you will need it.

Here’s how to achieve that classy yet hot and trendy Pompadour hairstyle.

Step 1:

Wash your hair clean with your preferred shampoo, and prep it with a foundation spray. Apply it evenly to cover all the curly bits of hair. Apply shine and smoothing oil from the top of your hair to the root tips. Make sure you have everything covered by massaging it through your hair strands.

Step 2

Start drying your hair into sections with a bristle brush. Make sure to dry from the roots to the tips so that your hair would look like it’s lying back neatly. Blow-dry your hair according to your preferred direction. You will see your curly locks beginning to straighten up.

If your hair needs a little bit more straightening because it’s all coarse and curly, use the WAM ceramic straightening iron to straighten your hair by small sections. Position the iron properly by pulling the hair onto the direction that you want. Remember not to over-straighten your hair because this will make it hair look flat and dull.

Step 3

Again, take a small amount of shine and smoothing oil on your palm to apply another layer. With a bristle brush, smoothen the hair to achieve the shape that you like. Groom your hair with a comb to create the slightly elevated look on the edges and to make the last retouches.  Once you’re contented with how everything looks like, spritz in the sculpture spray to keep your hairstyle intact even after a long night in a party or a long day in a meeting.

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