Top 6 Square Face Shape Hairstyles

Square Face Shape Hairstyles

Men with square face are usually considered very masculine, with the proportions of the forehead, jaws and face length being the ideal look for men. But not all hairstyles are suitable for square shaped faces. There are certain square face shape hairstyles that are suitable and look good on this type of face shape. This face shape is versatile enough for both short and long hair, and because the face is of the right proportion, it is easy to choose a style. If you have a square face and you still have not landed the best hairstyle for you, one of these may be your best bet.

1. Swept Up, Long Sides

Square Face Shape Hairstyles

Just like Zac Efron’s hairstyle, you can pull off this look even if the sides are not too neat and the ends are touching the ears. To make it look formal, sweet the center up and hold with a styling cream or gel. The center doesn’t have to be neatly styled. A little mess is okay, or you can also choose to sweep the sides neatly to pair with a suit and tie. The sideburns can also either be short or long, with the choice of joining it with the beard for a scruffier look. This type of style frames the face and makes the angles and edges of the jaw more subtle and softer.

2. Swept Up, Clean Sides

Square Face Shape Hairstyles2

A variation of the first one, this is one of the square face shape hairstyles that emphasize the jaws, thanks to the clean sides. Compared to the long sides, this one is shaved neatly, thus giving more emphasis to the jawline. This is a very masculine hairstyle, as men prefer to show their angles to exude masculinity. Dark or light haired men can sport this style, and can even be sported with either highlights or lowlights. A styling gel or cream to keep the center part up is needed for this style. It doesn’t take long to style this kind of hair; a few minutes is good.

3. Sideswept

Square Face Shape Hairstyles3

The part is on the far side of the head, almost parallel to the temple. The sides are also cut clean for a neater look. Another face-framing hairstyle, it gives emphasis to the jawline with the short cut. For those who do not like a spiky or upswept look like the first two, this one is perfect for the more conservative, preppy type. This is also very suitable for the office and other formal events involving anything other than jeans and shirt. But it can also be downplayed and paired with casual clothes. Either way, this is a win-win hairstyle.

4. Buzz Cut

Square Face Shape Hairstyles4

One of the best square face shape hairstyles is the buzz cut. A close and neat cut is suitable for a square face. This is also the most low maintenance hairstyle of all six. No styling creams or gels are needed, just the usual shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair soft. Sideburns can be cut short or left long down the sides of the face. This also does not require styling time. When you get out of the shower, you’re good to go, as long as you’re dressed of course. This is a get up and go hairstyle; you don’t even need to own a comb.

5. Long Center

Square Face Shape Hairstyles5

This one on David Beckham has very short sides, and with the center having long locks and swept up and to the side. Another low maintenance hairstyle, as the middle part is the only one with longer hair, it is very economical on hair care. To achieve this look, a little styling cream or gel applied on the center to keep the hair up is needed. It can also go from day to night, from suit to jeans. The back of the head is also shaved clean, just like on the sides. If you fancy sporting this hairstyle, you can do so with a beard or a clean face.

6. Pompadour

Square Face Shape Hairstyles6

This is a more classic, elegant look. The pompadour has been around since the early decades, with men with class sporting the hairstyle. The sides are cut long, and the center is swept up and back. A styling cream is used to hold the style, especially the center part. The center is style in such a way that it is puffier than usual. Preppy and casual guys can both sport this hairstyle, and with a square face, this one also reiterates the shape with the swept up style.