Top 5 Wavy Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Wavy Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Choosing a hairstyle according to your face shape and hair type is crucial. It is like fitting on a wardrobe. You have to be comfortable with your hairdo and make sure it flatters your features in order to look good in it. If you are round faced, with a wavy hair, do not feel disappointed. Most hairstyles can be considered suitable for you after making a few tweaks. The key is to make an investment on a decent stylist who knows exactly what he has to do to make you look and feel good. Here are the top five wavy hairstyles for round face shapes, which you may use for your reference.

1. Naturally Wavy

Wavy Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Do not frown on your wavy hair. Instead, use it to your advantage. If you let your hair’s natural waves to show off, you will have the right amount of volume that you need to frame your round face and elongate it a bit. Keep the top length at around 5-6 inches so you will not have trouble styling it. The back and the sides, meanwhile, must be short enough to hug around your frame. When you style your hair, use a sea salt spray before blow-drying it in order to maintain the texture on top and provide some volume in front.

2. Off Center Part

Wavy Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes2

Allow some waves to let loose on your eye level to help flatter your round face. The trick here is to make it look leaner and a bit longer to be of an ideal proportion. An off center parting will take away the attention on how wide the face actually is. Instead, the focus will be on how it was carefully framed. To maintain this kind of style, which is one of the top ranking wavy hairstyles for round face shapes, you need to look after the texture of your hair, keeping it pronounced with some styling aids before you set off to strut your stuff.

3. The Faux Hawk, Pomp, or Spikes

Wavy Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes3

Get a squarer look with the help of a faux hawk, a pompadour cut, or some spikes, which are becoming quite popular again recently. The razor sharp sides will make way for the top height to become more prominent, framing the round face nicely for a great look. Do not mind the waves because a few inches of that will add up to put forward your best features. If it is that easy to get a haircut that will frame your round face nicely, it is even a lot easier to maintain it. All you need is some gel and a good run through of your fingers for a controlled hold.

4. The Shaggy Hairstyle

Wavy Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes4

This is one of the best wavy hairstyles for round face shapes. The shaggy cut is mostly layered in cascade patterns to help flatter the shape of your face. It presents some volume on the top and back sides to make you look elongated. A shag will help provide some balance on your frame, keeping it thinner and longer in appearance while providing some angles for a masculine effect. Maintaining this hairstyle is also fuss-free. You can leave it disheveled for a bit of that rockstar attitude or simply use a molding paste wax to sharpen the wavy edges and keep them in control.

5. The Clean Cut

Wavy Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes5

To maintain a boy-next-door image, try following how Seth Rogen keeps his mane in place. This Hollywood hottie donned a short hairstyle, which some viewed as a contrast to his round face shape. But no, since the clean cut was angled perfectly, it framed his face in a wonderful way. Plus, it helped managed the frizz that his wavy to curly hair commands. For this particular look, the back and the sides need to be cut short but not too thin. Then, the upper portion is left flat with some volume to form a square illusion that will help make the face look proportioned.