Top 5 Triangular Face Shape Hairstyles

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyles

A triangle-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead and cheekbones and pointed chin. This is complemented by triangular face shape hairstyles that tend to narrow the forehead and widen the chin. Male celebrities such as Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake are good examples of triangular shaped face. If you think you have this face shape, it is quite difficult to pick a particular hairstyle for you. Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake keep their hair nice and short, and it works for them. It is also a good idea to grow yours from the top and sides and let some fall down on the forehead to make the top wider, or better yet, take inspiration from the following hairstyle ideas.

1. Tight and Tough

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyles

Justin Timberlake’s hairstylist describes this look as tight and tough. He left about two inches on top but the sides are cut short with a no.1 clipper. He was able to blend the shaved part well, even if it was high, notice there isn’t any line. For texture, the top was cut into layers. For styling, the hair was blow dried for JT’s hair is curly and rubbed with a hairstyling paste to mold it in place. It was finished with oil to achieve a wet look. The scruff goes well with this hairstyle as well. Justin Timberlake is a style icon when it comes to men’s hair and you can take inspiration from him especially if your hair is curly, for this means you have endless styling possibilities. If your face is triangular, you can try this neat yet tough looking locks if you want to keep your hair short.

2. Short Quiff

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyles2

The short quiff works well on Ryan Gosling but this style might not look good on men with receding hairline or thinning hair. The good thing about quiff is that it can adapt not just to triangle faces but with other face shapes and various hair types as well.  It is easy to pull off and isn’t difficult to maintain. It needs more hair on top, giving it volume. The key to a nice quiff is to balance the top with the short sides and back. To style, you can apply a strong hold foam or gel to keep it in place.

3. Long Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyles3

If you like to sport long hair, Korean pop star Rain’s hairstyle in this photo can work for you. His long bangs are swept to one side, making his face appear wider. You can also ask your barber to do a long layer cut for a shaggy look. Rain is known to sport long, edgy hairstyles but this one shows his sophisticated side. There is no doubt that this is one of the best triangular face shape hairstyles because it frames the face and gives it a fresh look. To style, you can use a dry styling paste before blow-drying for a smoother finish.

4. Buzz Cut No. 8

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyles4

Buzz cut is a general term for haircuts done using clippers, but it has a number of different types including crew cut, brush cut, flattop and more. If you prefer short haircut, don’t be afraid to go for one that is as short as this even if your face is triangular. It works well with thick and curly hair as well. Number 8 buzz cut simply indicates the setting of the clipper to use since the tool has different blade types, length guides and sizes. Styling is not a problem, for you can pull it off after towel drying your hair; no need to use hair products.

5. Undercut

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyles5

The shaved sides of this undercut hairstyle needed no blending to the top that is held like a pompadour. This hipster haircut can add volume to your hair, complementing your face shape. You can style it differently for a more conservative look. This is also said to be a modern version of Mohawk, which can be worn in various ways. The contemporary upsweep is ideal for younger men, while the light beard completes the look. If you know you can carry this confidently to match your edgy personality, then go for it. After all, the best triangular face shape hairstyles are the ones you are comfortable to wear.

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