Top 5 Short Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shapes

Short Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shapes

Triangle-faced hotties like Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Keith Urban didn’t mind sporting a short hairstyle. That means, even when your forehead is wide and your cheekbones and jawlines are angular, you could make do with a little hair if it is styled the right way. How you style your mane imposes an impact on your overall look so it is important that you learn how to play around your facial features, making sure they are framed perfectly to flatter your strengths and keep your weaknesses hidden. Here, we have got a few suggestions on short hairstyles for triangular face shapes.

1. Textured Look

Short Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shapes

Nothing will beat you to a good-looking contest if you learn how to add texture to your short crop. Texture in hairstyling is about a multidimensional look in full control. This is the opposite of flat hair. Textured hair is fun hair. To get the look and feel of texturized short hairstyles for triangular face shapes, you must get a perfect haircut that’s layered with no amount of hair flopping on the eyes but is slightly hanging around the forehead. The easy going quality of a texturized hairstyle keeps people impressed. Pair it up with a sunny attitude and you will surely get the ladies to your side.

2. Full-on Afro

Short Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shapes2

If your hair is extremely curly and you cannot think about a way to manage it without being forced to grow it out and tie it up in a ponytail, here is one option you might want to explore. An Afro is a style popular among African Americans, thus, the name. The sides are not too tight and the edges are extremely loose, mostly due to the amount of volume that the level of curliness brings to the hair. To achieve this look, do not be afraid to let the curls grow out. When you style it, you might want a little blow dry to let it loose but still in control.

3. The Disheveled Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shapes3

When your hair is straight, it is not advisable that you style it slick to match a triangular face. That simply won’t cut it. You need some texture on top to create an illusion that your forehead is not that wide. The disheveled hairstyle, which was made popular in recent years, is ideal due to its crisp nature. It is short, it is light, but it does not appear to be blocky. The secret in achieving this look is in the cut. The back and the sides must be razor sharp but not thinned out. Then, a point cut must be made to shape the top.

4. Short Hairstyle with a Full-On Beard

Short Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shapes4

There is nothing more to do to strike a balance onto your triangular face if you have a full beard on. No matter how short your haircut is, if your chin area is populated, it will not show as thin as it is. The wide gap between the forehead and your chin will be cut through by the appearance of the beard. Just make sure that the beard is well maintained. You would not want it to make your face look longer. If it has a strong shape, it will look formidable on your face, regardless of how pointed it appears to be.

5. Offset Bangs

Short Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shapes5

With triangle faces, there is that requirement to soften the silhouette around the forehead area while making an illusion that the chin area is a bit wider than it is to create some balance. To achieve this trick, you may have some side swept bangs to keep some parts of the wide forehead hidden and your face framed particularly well. You may wear your bangs along with a beard for a full-on effect. This look imitates the scruffy style but is clearly beyond that. It is more defined, deserving its spot as one of the top short hairstyles for triangular face shapes.