Top 5 Short Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape

Short Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face shape has narrow forehead and jaw line that are almost the same size and wide cheekbones. Short hairstyles for diamond face shape aim to soften their features and create some width on top. Layers, fringe and wavy look go well with them. It is also nice to add some volume on top. Diamond face is angular but very masculine, and any rugged look can complement the facial features, so it wouldn’t be very difficult finding the right hairstyle to wear. Whether your hair is straight or curly, you’ll find a suitable style that will make you comfortable to wear.

1. Deep Side Part

Short Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape

This hairstyle is ideal for diamond face men because it adds volume on top but retains a clean overall look. Notice that the sides are not cut thinly, but it works well with the wide cheekbones. How the top is combed to the side and back softens the angles of the face. It strikes a balance between the sides and the top, a key to a nice short quiff like this. This look is also easy to maintain. You can use medium to strong hold foam or gel to keep the side part in place. A hair spray can also be used if your gel does not hold strongly.

2. Spiky Hair

Short Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape2

If you have short hair and it is naturally spiky, then this is a good hairstyle for you. Spiky hair has always been trendy and appealing, but it is done in more ways than one. This one is more on the subtle side, because only the middle part is spiked with a bit messy look, making it look cool. The sides are slightly trimmed, which balances the look because the cut is conservative while the spikes are funky. Note that this is not ideal for very thick and wavy hair. Get ready to look younger if you decide to sport this hairstyle.

3. Burr Cut

Short Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape3

The burr cut is a short haircut where the hair is cut entirely in one length. Who says it is just for the military? If you want a no maintenance short hairstyle for diamond face shape, this one is for you. You don’t have to worry about having curly or straight hair because it suits everyone. This is similar to induction and a butch cut, the only difference is their length. Hair is cut with clipper using guard 1 or 2, so if you have the tool, you can do the cutting on your own. Just buzz it all around, following your head contour and look very masculine.

4. Modern Caesar

Short Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape4

Julius Caesar whose photos depict his hair styled in such manner popularizes Caesar cut. It features a short and straight fringe. Hair is layered all over, in this style it is clipper close. George Clooney is among the male celebrities known for his trademark Caesar cut. The cut has different variations. The modern variation shown above features shorter hair on the sides and back than on top. Other versions use taper, fade or undercut.  Regardless of the variation, hair on top is kept at 1 to 3 inches length for the best results. Good thing about it is that it works with straight or wavy hair.

5. Faux Hawk

Short Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape5

Faux hawk is a subtle version of the Mohawk. The style reemerged in early 2000 and was made more popular by stars such as David Beckham. Constant updates to the fauxhawk have made it still relevant today. It is not as complex as it seems, for the sides are only clipped short with top kept longer. Depending on your hair texture, the top can be spiked or held to a point. The style featured above yields a clean finished product because of the way the hair is cut, but you can opt for a messier look by asking for shaggy cut. Regardless of your choice, faux hawk remains one of the best short hairstyles for diamond face shape.