Top 5 Short Haircuts for Square Face Shape

Short Haircuts for Square Face Shape

Like matching your clothes with your body type, choosing the best haircut that would work best for the shape of your face is also important as this would have a huge impact on your appearance. There are different hairstyles that would work best on specific face shapes. Square, like oval face shape, is considered an ideal face shape as most hairstyles would work with it. However, a square face shape is more masculine than an oval face shape, which is characterized by the forehead, jaw and cheekbones almost having the same length as each other. The jawline is also angular instead of being rounded. While it could look great with almost all haircuts, some of the best are short haircuts for square face shape. This is because the focus would be on the face. Shorter hair would make the facial feature stronger, while adding a little length and movement would soften your look. Here are some of the hairstyles that you could choose from that would look great on you if you have a square face shape.

1. Undercut

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes

This hairstyle first became popular during the Edwardian era, which was from 1901 to 1910. It was the time when King Edward II was the king of United Kingdom. It then became popular again in the following years including from 1920’s to 1990’s, then in 2010’s. Today, this haircut has increased in popularity once more. Models and celebrities wear this hairstyle and women swoon over them because it looks badass. David Beckham is one of the popular personalities known to sport this hairstyle. The sides and back of the hair are buzzed real short, while the top part is longer. Some are really long that reach below the chin, but since this is a list of short haircuts for square face shape, we’ll focus more on one with a shorter top that can either be parted in the center, parted to one side or pushed back.

2. Short Pompadour

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes2

Pompadour is also another favorite when it comes to short haircuts for square face shape. It’s almost the same as undercut because it’s also very short on the left and right side, and at the back. However, instead of being pushed back or pushed sideways, it’s swept upwards traditionally over the forehead, although it could also be swept up backwards or on the side. Elvis Presley was one of the celebrities who made this hairstyle popular for men. This too would keep the focus on the masculine features of your face.

3. Buzz Cut

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes3

A buzz cut is a type of hairstyle that’s achieved with the use of an electric hair clipper. There are different types of buzz cuts including flattop, crew cut, butch cut and ivy league. Think of military haircut, that’s similar to that. If you want to flaunt your strong features even more, this is a haircut that would let you do that.

4. Angular or Boxed Top

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes4

If you have a wavy or curly hair and you have a square face, you may go for this type of haircut. It’s shorter on both sides, while the top part is still short, but not as short as the sides. The top part can either be boxed or angular, adding shape and texture. Like the first four hairstyles in the list, it would still keep your facial features strong.

5. Less Structured Hair with Added Length

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes5

This one has an added length but it’s still a short hairstyle, although not as short as a buzzed haircut. It’s less structured, which could soften the look. If you want to look more approachable and warm, you may go after this hairstyle.