Top 5 Short Haircuts for Round Face Shapes

Short Haircuts for Round Face Shapes

Choosing the best hairstyle is not just about which one is the trendiest as of the moment but you also have to consider the one that will flatter your face shape. Square face shapes may not benefit from hairstyles suitable for those with round face shapes. Most barbers and hairstylists these days can now personalize your haircut to maximize your good facial features. A round face lacks in angular features and lines and so to balance it out, there are hairstyles that can actually elongate and add angles to your face. Here, we listed down the most flattering short haircuts for round face shapes you might want to give a try.

1. Tall and Spiky Hairstyle

Short Haircuts for Round Face Shapes

See how Niall Horan of One Direction styles his hair? He definitely balances out his round face with tall and spiky hairstyle. This one actually works for reasons. The sides are cut short to give emphasis to the length of the hair on top of the head. The spikes are about an inch tall creating angles that contrast the shape of his face. So, if you want to unleash your inner boy band look, go ahead and ask your hairstylist for this look. For styling, you need a strong hold hair product to keep those spikes in place.

2. Side Swept Hairstyle

Short Haircuts for Round Face Shapes2

If straight bangs are not your thing, then the side swept hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle works because the bangs actually create angles that will contrast your oval jawlines. The longer locks over your brow will not only be cut to cover your temples but also make your cheekbones look more defined in a masculine way. The sides are shorter compared to the mid part of your hair for a finishing touch which also highlights the side swept bangs. This is one of the short haircuts for round face shapes that would definitely look amazing and gorgeous when the right styling products are used.

3. Undercut

Short Haircuts for Round Face Shapes3

Undercut hairstyles are the most perfect short haircuts for round face shapes. This one actually works very well since the shaved sides lessen the width of the face while the volume and the brush up look on the top elongates the face. If you want to achieve the same look as Justin Timberlake, keep your hair all polished by using pomade or a strong hold hair product. Regular shaving on the sides is also required to maintain those elongated and angular presence on your overall look. You may also grow your hair on top longer so you can style in more ways than one.

4. Short with Little Volume on Top

Short Haircuts for Round Face Shapes4

Men at their 40s are most suitable for this hairstyle since this actually works for those who have a faded hairline. Younger guys like Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad can still sport the look to make them look more mature. This crew-cut style is easy to achieve for all hairstylists and also very easy to maintain. You might not even use a hair product to pull off this look. Aside from being very trendy, it also looks very clean and professional, perfect for those who follow a strict haircut in the office or their workplaces. Give this one a try and see how alluring it can be.

5. Angular Fringe

Short Haircuts for Round Face Shapes5

For guys who want to have a fringe but have round faces, the best option that you have is to go for an angular cut. Angular fringe cut creates straight lines that contrast the round jaw lines and cheekbones thus, creating a more masculine vibe to your overall look. Just make sure to put the fringe diagonally to a side. You might want to use the most suitable hairstyling product for this cut. If you got bored, you can also create tall spikes by using a strong hold hair product. Spikes are also known to elongate your face instead of making it appear wider.