Top 5 Round Face Shape Hairstyles

Round Face Shape Hairstyles

Individuals with a round face often struggle with finding the perfect hairstyle that would improve their soft features. Compared to the angular or square face men, round face men have lesser hairstyle choices.  Because of the smooth curves of the face, it’s crucial to have a hairdo that would provide enough contrast to elevate your masculinity. Hair experts often suggest that in order to look sharp and impressive even with a round face, you need to add volume without the extra bulk to your hair. This involves choosing among the best round face shape hairstyles to fit your personality and your personal preferences.

1. Short Back and Side

Round Face Shape Hairstyles

Justin Timberlake is a classic representative of all the round faced men. His iconic short back and side hairstyle is a sure crowd favorite because it accentuates his features effortlessly.  This hairstyle creates an illusion of a more elongated face and a more refined jaw line. You can play around this hairstyle by brushing it up for a slick back, or letting the hair look ruffled on top. In styling your hair, you should use a matte finish pomade and some styling mousse to have extra volume. You also have the option to have an extreme undercut for an edgier look.

2. Classic Pompadour

Round Face Shape Hairstyles2

The classic pompadour proves to round face men that old school style rocks. It has remained as a top choice among the round face shape hairstyles because of its simple yet trendy look. You can choose from the tall pompadour, which is highly recommended by styling experts or the shorter pompadours if you belong to the working class and you have a tight dress code to follow. To get this style, you will need to have a buzz cut on the sides. The top hair should be around 3 or more inches long and it should be cut in a way that it appears to taper down your neck. A pomade, comb and brush will be used to style the hair. Don’t forget to lift the hair up a bit to get that add-on volume.

3. Faux Hawk

Round Face Shape Hairstyles3

This hairstyle offers you plenty of edges to work with. The Faux Hawk can be done by using your choice between styling gel, pomade or wax. Make sure that your hair product can hold your hair long enough to last at least the day. You will also need to have at least 3 inches of hair on top, and a shorter hair on the sides to get enough height for your Faux Hawk.  It’s a less constrained hairstyle because you can make it as rough or as refined as you want. This round face shape hairstyle can work for both work and play.

4. Side Part

Round Face Shape Hairstyles4

As mentioned earlier, your goal is to have a hairstyle that would bring more dimensions to your face. The Side Part hairdo offers you that and more as you can play around this hairstyle depending on the occasion and even your style. You can use this on a formal event with all the coat and shiny leather shoes or on a night out with your friends in your favorite club. The key to succeed with this look is to use pomade for a slicker finish. Comb your hair to your desired direction, making sure that the strands are tapering downwards. You may choose to use additional hair products like hairspray to secure your hair down.

5. Angular Fringe

Round Face Shape Hairstyles5

The younger generation of round face men frequently sports an Angular Fringe hairstyle. In its early introduction, only bloggers and models sport this kind of hairdo. However, nowadays, more and more men are seen with this look. It is an emerging hair trend nowadays because of its fresh and playful vibe. The sides are cut short while the top remains long but trimmed to a certain angle. If you have wavy to curly hair, you can run your fingers around to create a tousled finish. For men with straight hair, you can use style it by using spiking your hair up.