Top 5 Rectangle Face Shape Hairstyles

Rectangle Face Shape Hairstyles

If you have had a bad haircut, a bad hairstyle follows. To avoid the nightmare of having to go great lengths in order to style your hair the way that will flatter your facial features, you should always aim to get it right the first time. Determining your face shape is the first best step. If yours is a rectangle, meaning, you are wide from the forehead down to the jawline, there are rectangle face shape hairstyles that will surely look good on you. But no, you need not to look further because we have laid them all here. Read on.

1. The Tweaked Undercut

Rectangle Face Shape Hairstyle

With a rectangle face shape, you naturally would have a cross between a square and an oblong. One of the more popular hairstyles that suit this kind is an undercut. This will help soften your jawline since it will be leaner on the sides. An undercut also provides volume at the top of the head, which helps create the illusion that your face is shorter. Remember, however, that you cannot allow the sides to be too short because this will only make your face look longer. This means, your option is to have a well-proportioned undercut with sides that are not too short and tops that are not too long.

2. The Layered Cut

Rectangle Face Shape Hairstyle2

A layered haircut where the sides are longer than the top is another ideal choice among rectangle face shape hairstyles. By disguising the front hairline through a neatly groomed layer, you will be able to make an illusion that the face is balanced. Pair this style with a dapper beard and you will get a charming look that people will not mind paying second glances for. You may also wear glasses to draw the stares away from the length and width of your face. Anything that will divide the face and make people look at it not on a solid stare is a good thing.

3. The Short Haircut That’s Not Too Tight

Rectangle Face Shape Hairstyle3

A rectangle face would have very masculine features that are worth enhancing. To do just that, you may want to get a short haircut that is not too tight on the sides so as not to make the face looking longer than it actually is. You may well enjoy flattering your facial features by keeping your hair softer around the edges so it will help soften your jawlines, forehead, and cheekbones as well. Be careful when adding volume to your already bulky features because that will make your face appear a lot wider. The slick back style is definitely not advisable.

4. Side Swept Style

Rectangle Face Shape Hairstyle4

When your hair is parted in the middle, it will divide your face vertically, which will make it look longer. The side swept style, therefore, is the way to go. Whether you have a wavy one or short and straight locks, how you part it will have an effect on your overall look. As an added note, you should avoid keeping your hair slicked back because again, it will reveal how long and wide your face actually is. Be creative in styling your hair, making sure that the right features are properly highlighted while the ones needed to be kept hidden are disguised.

5. The Messy Style

Rectangle Face Shape Hairstyle5

A messy hairstyle is one of the perfect rectangle face shape hairstyles available. It will add up volume in the right places, especially if you know how to part your hair the right way. Messing up your hair, whether it is short or in medium length, will help reduce the length of your face. You may even add bangs to keep it properly framed so your straight face will actually look softer and smoother. Wearing the messy style lies in the cut. If your hair is properly layered, with a little volume on top and on the sides, you will need a little effort to style it as you go.