Top 5 Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes

Square face is considered as the most attractive shape for a man. It’s a very masculine shape. This kind of feature is also great on a wide variety of hairstyle especially long hairstyles. Men with square faces have sharp and angular features which is why a long hairstyle is necessary to balance out the edges. Some of the famous examples of personalities with square shape are Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Antonio Banderas, Jayson Mamoa and Tom Cruise.  If you know these people then you might have been able to see them sporting some of the most iconic long hair styles for square faced shapes.

1. Man Bun

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes

Long hairstyles for square faced shapes work well because they can provide a subtle contrast to the masculinity of your face. Among the many hairstyles that you can do, the Man Bun is the simplest.  You simply pull all the long strands together, tie them up loosely into a bun and you’re done. You don’t even have to do it neatly. You can easily pair this look with the most comfy pair of jeans, a good old white tee and your choice of footwear. It can also work well for coat and tie events.

2. Man’s Half  up Pony

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes2

This hairstyle is similar to the Man Bun, but instead of having all of your locks secured into a bun, you will only need to pull up a small portion of your hair and let the rest fall naturally on your shoulders. You can twist the tied hair into a bun, or a semi bun, whichever you think fits for the occasion. It’s a more laid back look compared to the Man Bun, but it is as sexy and hot.

3. Side Swept

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes3

Let that long mane down! To get this hairstyle you need a matte finish pomade to keep one side of your hair to the side. Comb your hair to your preferred side and use small amounts of pomade on the strands that you want to keep in place. For the rest of your locks, you can either brush it or let it look untamed and unruly. This look is great for the usual hangout sessions where you wear tees or button up shirts. It can also work for formal occasions.

4. Shaggy Long Hair

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes4

If you have strong cheekbones and a highly angular face, growing your hair superbly long and wavy won’t be a problem because these two things go well together. Shaggy long hair is always seen as a very feminine hairstyle for men, so you can incorporate that to your look to soften your features. The free flowing hairstyle provides a soft contour to your sharp and edgy face. This hairstyle was among the trendiest long hairstyles for square faced shapes back in 2013. Ever since then, there are a handful of square faced men who have maintained this look by buying hefty amounts of shampoo and hair conditioner.

5. Messy Layered

Long Hairstyles for Square Faced Shapes5

More often than not, the key to having great long hairstyles for square faced shapes is having an impressive haircut. For this style, instead of just styling your hair using hair products, you will also need a good barber to have a messy layered cut. Not to mention, you also need to have a wavy hair to ace this style. You’ll also need a bit of matte finish pomade for that non-glossy finish. To apply the pomade, rub a portion on your hand until you can’t see it before you put it on your hair. Use it to play around your hair to get that playful I-just-got-off-the-bed look. The messy layered style is one of the top picks of women for their favorite men’s hairstyles.