Top 4 Long Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

Long Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

Round face is defined as having a round chin and soft facial features. It is a unique face shape that is typically styled by narrowing the sides to elongate the face. Haircuts such as mop top or bowl cut are not suitable for this shape because the cheeks will be emphasized. In choosing the right hairstyle, it is best to go with something that would minimize the face’s width. Styles that add height such as spikes is ideal, while growing light beard and sideburns can also reduce the width of the face. Consider the following long hairstyles for round face shape if you think short haircut won’t work for you.

1. Long Hair

Long Hairstyles for Round Face Shape2

There’s no doubt that long hair is a trend and man buns are so in these days. If you think you can confidently carry long hair, then you have a style that can create length and depth to your face. Long hairstyles for round face shape are suitable for straight or wavy hair. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t require much maintaining. If your hair is healthy, just wash it and let it dry for a natural look. There’s no need to apply styling products but you can try leave-on conditioners to avoid frizzes. If your hair is thin, you can use mousse to add volume.

2. Pompadour

Long Hairstyles for Round Face Shape3

Pompadour is an old hairstyle but it has never gone out of style. Like other hairstyles, it is only being modified. With this Zac Efron pompadour look, notice that the hair is parted on the side. The key to a good-looking pompadour is volume, so a wax or gel can be used to achieve your desired height. Even if your hair is wavy, you can rock this style. Go for short pompadours if you prefer a tamed look but if you want it long and stylish, you can have it really tall. Such height can elongate round face and complement it well.

3. Messy and Curly Look

Long Hairstyles for Round Face Shape4

Curly, long hairstyles for round face shape include this messy “woke up like this” look. You need not be afraid of growing your curls especially if you have a round face. This creates a rough look with no professional treatment needed. If you keep your beard lightly unshaved, girls are more likely to swoon over you. Feel free to apply a hairstyling product like cream or mousse to your clean locks before scrunching and air-drying your hair. A good quality mousse can give it a light volume with maximum hold and you’re good to go. Take a look at more photos of men with big curls for inspiration.

4. Side Swept Long Bangs

Long Hairstyles for Round Face Shape5

Side swept long bangs are such a cool hairstyle that best suits medium length straight hair. This remains to be a classic style that creates a glamorous look. If your hair is wavy, you may use a hair straightener to achieve this look even for one occasion. This does not require too much styling, for you can just apply a light cream to rock it. Make sure that you part your hair on the side that flatters your face. If you’re afraid that it won’t flatter your round face, make sure the bangs does not go lower than the cheekbone, keeping it on eye-level.