Top 5 Heart Face Shape Hairstyles

Heart Face Shape Hairstyles

Men with heart shaped face have wide cheekbones that narrow to the forehead and the chin. Men with such facial shape are probably the luckiest men alive as most hairstylists would say that such shape can actually get away with any kind of hairstyle. Fortunately, there are a handful of heart face shape hairstyles that work to create an illusion to the head, which makes it appear more balanced and proportioned. Facial hair can also help to make your chin and jaws to appear a little wider. You can always play around with any hairstyle that you want just like the ones below.

1. Pompadour Haircut

Heart Face Shape Hairstyle

If it is the trendiest hairstyle you want to pull off, you should definitely go for a pompadour. It is very masculine and very clean which certainly is a head turner for girl. The sides are faded while the top is kept long for a few inches. What makes this hairstyle really great is that it suits men despite their nationality or hair type. This is one of those heart face shape hairstyles that give a slicked back effect and really highly recommended. Make sure to go for a combed back pompadour too if you want to take your hair game to a new level.

2. Taper Cut

Heart Face Shape Hairstyle2

The taper haircut never gets old for so many reasons. It actually involves thick hair on top of your hair that gradually decreases on the back and on the sides. Combed taper cut is good for those who have heart shaped face as you will expose your forehead making it appear wider than your cheeks. To maintain this look, you may need to use regular shampoo as well as a good styling product. Otherwise, you will have a really messy and wild looking hair. This hairstyle is very popular among men as it really helps radiate a very masculine and clean vibe.

3. Undercut

Heart Face Shape Hairstyle3

Unlike the taper cut, the undercut hairstyle features a high contrast of length. It is actually like going for a two in one look since you will be sporting a thick hair on top and shaved sides and back. The disconnected undercut hairstyle is one of the most popular heart face shape hairstyles among young men who like to keep their locks trendy. If you want to take your hair game to the next level, try going for a sharp line that compliments your undercut. Textured undercuts and added bangs are also good options if you want to try a style that is different from the rest.

4. Blown Back Suave

Heart Face Shape Hairstyle4

If you want to look like those romantic guys who always get the girl in the movies, this is certainly the look you are looking for. Be ready to charm ladies quickly with this one though. This cut is easy to maintain and you just have to have a medium length hair, which is a bit longer on top. Blow the top hair to the back and this can easily add a little bit of height to your whole frame. Make sure to use only a light hair styling product if you decided to have this look so it looks very natural and soft.

5. Short Spiky Hairstyle

Heart Face Shape Hairstyle5

Short and spiky hair is another classic. It looks pretty clean especially when shaven on the sides. Men with thinning hair find this hairstyle very helpful as it makes their locks appear thicker and fuller. It is also very easy to achieve and it would not take too much of your time just to style it. All you need is a light hold hair product so the spikes will look natural and not too polished. Style it the way you like it using your fingers, joining pieces together to one or every side. A wet look effect will also look edgy and cool.