Top 5 Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles

A diamond face is characterized by a long shape with angular features highlighted by wide cheekbones. Usually, it also comes with a well-defined chin, which is worth stressing using the best diamond face shape hairstyles. Hairstyles follow the shape of the face. The key is to flatter your best features and keep the bad ones hidden. If you want to know how you can enhance the form of your face, make no mistake of getting a bad haircut. Before you sit down at the barber’s chair, study the following hair styling options that you may adapt to keep you looking good in that face.

1. Top Order: Volume

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles

If you have a diamond face shape, you certainly would want to have more length on top, at least five to six inches if your hair is ultra straight and sleek. Then, pair it with loosely tapered sides to create balance. A shorter, lesser volume hair on top will not sit right because it will expose your wide cheekbones off-handedly. If you have a wavy hair, adding volume is much easier because all you need to do is to let it grow on you. You may also choose to highlight your hair for better texture and to keep it well defined.

2. Not Too Sharp

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles2

A common mistake that diamond face shape men must seek to avoid is getting a haircut that is sharp around the edges. This will make your ears stick out and your cheekbones look even wider. Some fringe on the sides and a layered top is a good idea to flatter your face on the right places. That does not mean you cannot don on a short haircut altogether. You could but you have to invest on a good stylist that will deliver a great outcome. When your haircut is good enough, you will have no problems adapting different diamond face shape hairstyles any time you wish.

3. Little Wavy Look

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles3

Wearing the hair too slick or too straight will not do magic. Instead, let the wave of your hair grow out on you and show off a nice, enigmatic appeal. Wavy hair is significantly more manageable than curly hair. Then again, some men do not really appreciate it and preferred shaving any trace of waves before they begin. But if you are a diamond faced, you could use this to your advantage so let go. Allow your waves to make a spectacle and use them to help frame your face shape in a better way. You will look better in them, promise.

4. Side Swept Style

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles4

When your hair is parted in the middle, it will divide your face vertically, which makes it look longer. The side swept style, therefore, is the way to go. When you style your hair this way, remember, again, not to forget leaving a little volume on top to make your face look softer. Your cheekbones will appear to be chiseled perfectly with the help of some top length. The diamond face is not very common but there are diamond face shape hairstyles made available to help those with one to display a striking look that they can be comfortable with.

5. Wavy and Messy

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles5

To help soften the silhouette of your face, making the prominent cheekbones look perfect, you must opt for a more natural look. A style in which you don’t seem to have styled at all is a great option. This is what letting your hair down meant in some ways. You just have to let go of your waves if you have them or allow some hair to permeate in your face to keep it framed. You must also keep in mind not to cut the edges in a way too sharp manner because this will expose how wide your cheekbones are and would even make your ears look like they are stickin’ out.